Living life is like a dance. It is a constantly moving, rhythmic, creative, enjoyable and energetic activity that usually involves co-operation between people. This is how we should present life to children – Clare Healy Walls, The Conscious Parent”

Paint Pots Parenting at Held & Heard

Held & Heard is a unique tranquil and restorative space where people feel held and are heard, created by Georgina Hood the Founder and Principal of Paint Pots.

Parenthood is an incredible blessing, but it certainly comes with its own unique issues and challenges. Sometimes the simplest bit of practical advice can make an instant difference. Bringing a confident calm in your relationship between yourself and your child.

Georgina’s aim is to empower you to enjoy your children to the fullest.

Through her gentle guidance and presence she will listen to your unique family patterns and circumstances. Offering wisdom and advice based in a grounded and realistic understanding of what it means to be a parent in today’s world.

Georgina has refined her blended offer of guidance, events and retreats, for anyone on a journey of self-discovery through the experience of being a parent. Georgina blends her knowledge of Parenting and Wellbeing in peaceful harmony. Offering Courses, Talks, Dinner & Discussion Evenings and One to Ones; these events cover variety of topics and skills for Parents of children aged 0-6 years old.

Georgina has 22 years as a mother of four including twins and with personal experience of special needs children. She has over 30 years as an educational entrepreneur as founder and director of Paint Pots Montessori Schools and Creative Classes in London. Georgina’s years of experience as a Montessorian, teacher and as a mother bring each session to life with practical tips, stories and a developmental understanding of your child’s early years.

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