“The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy ” – Maria Montessori

Class Descriptions for Paint Pots House

Baby Moves & Music 6-12m – Treasure Basket ACCOMPANIED

Baby Moves and Music is a class for babies from sitting to walking, involving the wonder of The Treasure Basket and woven together in a magical way following the baby’s lead, listening to and echoed by voice and instruments. The treasure baskets are filled to the brim with items offering rich sensorial experiences for touch, smell, taste, sound and sight, and for the sixth sense of bodily movement. There is also time for feeding, chatting and questions

Baby on the Move & Music 12-18m – Heuristic Play ACCOMPANIED

Baby on the Move and Music is for babies who are becoming more mobile. Through a hand picked range of materials the children are able to explore and increase their sensorial experiences. At this age the world is one big experiment and children naturally move on from asking ‘what is it?’ to ‘what does it do?’ and ‘what can I do with it?’. The tone of this class is set by Georgina’s calm manner, gentle aromatherapy, singing and guitar.

Messy Play 12-18m ACCOMPANIED

A class for babies to explore different textures while learning to walk. Explore sensorial messy play with a carefully selected variety of taste safe materials. The classroom includes a mixture of floor level trays to encourage exploration and discovery. With the opportunity to squidge, splash, drip, pop, roll, shake and much more. This is a perfect class for an active, tactile and inquisitive child. We supply all-in-one overalls and the class ends in time for songs and music.

Toddler Art and Music 18m-2.5yr ACCOMPANIED

Children are encouraged to develop their own creativity; exploring colour, shape and texture through arts & crafts. At this age the art of learning is in the doing and not in the end result. The classroom is setup with art stations around the room, using a variety of materials such as paint, glue and playdough. Two of these areas will include artwork you can make, then take home and enjoy. This class finishes with an interactive music session with plenty of actions and props.

Cook for Fun 18m-2.5yr ACCOMPANIED

Toddlers explore basic cooking through texture and taste, perfect for fussy eaters. They learn to listen and follow simple instructions in a very hands-on way. We cook two recipes based on a simple theme and a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables are introduced each week. We can cater for most dietary requirements, please check with the office. The class also includes a time for everyone to join together for music and movement. The food that you cook is packaged up, ready for you to take home for lunch.

Early Montessori 18m-2.6yr ACCOMPANIED

This class is created and guided by Teachers from our Montessori Nursery Schools and is a gentle introduction to a classroom setting. Each child has the freedom to choose from a variety of carefully planned activities and Montessori materials. The children work independently, guided by our teachers and each activity encourages the child’s development. This class is perfect preparation for Nursery School, providing the building blocks for future learning.

Creative Storytelling 18m-2.5yr ACCOMPANIED

A new class for Toddlers to help them explore their imagination and to develop their confidence, communication and performance skills. Based on a different familiar children’s story each week, this active class encourages your child to join in with the storytelling. With the aid of props, puppets and role play, the children are taken on a magical journey becoming a part of the story themselves. Every class includes the chance for your child to make a storytelling aid, to take home and use in their retelling of the story. This is a perfect class for an active and imaginative child, to explore stories in a new way.

Music & Fun 18m-2.5yr ACCOMPANIED

Miss Georgina’s music class is perfect for children who love to sing, make music and be active. With a wide range of musical instruments and props Georgina will lead you and your child on a musical journey.

Toddler Messy Play 18m-2.5yr ACCOMPANIED

A class for toddlers to explore different textures. Explore sensorial messy play with a carefully selected variety of materials. The classroom includes a mixture of floor level trays to encourage exploration and discovery. With the opportunity to squidge, splash, drip, pop, roll, shake and much more. This is a perfect class for an active, tactile and inquisitive child. The class finishes with songs and music. We use a variety of materials and supply all-in-one overalls. At this age children have developed past the stage of wanted to explore everything by mouth giving us more flexibility in the materials we can use in the class.

Water Play 18m-2.5yr ACCOMPANIED

A new class designed for children who love water. Floor and table based activities with the opportunity to drip, splash, pour, spray and much more. This is a perfect class for children to have fun, make new friends and learn along the way.

Art, Craft, Music and Movement 2-3yr ACCOMPANIED

This is the age of confidence building, concentration is stronger and children are ready for longer classes. More elaborate art activities and techniques are explored through Collage, 3D and paint techniques. Although using more advanced art techniques than the Toddler Art & Music class, at this age the art of learning is still in the doing and not in the end result. We actively encourage each child’s unique creativity and personal interpretation of our weekly theme and activities. This class ends with time for everyone to join in some music and movement.


As your child develops, they are ready for a new art experience that expands their critical & imaginative thinking. Our experienced staff encourage the children to experiment with their own ideas, developing their own individual style. This class offers a fantastic opportunity for after school creativity. Through a wide range of art materials we support your child to develop artistic skills in a fun way. Gaining additional physical skills through the use of new tools, instruments and resources. The independence of an unaccompanied class and the age range produces a creative hub of interaction, sharing ideas and developing at their own pace. Come and enjoy the fun!

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