Living life is like a dance. It is a constantly moving, rhythmic, creative, enjoyable and energetic activity that usually involves co-operation between people. This is how we should present life to children – Clare Healy Walls, The Conscious Parent”

Paint Pots Parenting

Paint Pots offers a variety of talks, courses and training for our parents. These sessions cover variety of topics and skills for Parents of children aged 0-6 years old. Our sessions for parents are led by Georgina Hood our Founder and Principal. Georgina’s years of experience as a Montessorian, teacher and as a mother bring each session to life with practical tips, stories and a developmental understanding of your child’s early years.


Parenting Talks & Courses

Over this academic year we have a number of parenting sessions available as outlined below. Click on the orange buttons to view more information about each session or to place a booking.

Autumn Term 2017

These Autumn Term Talks are perfect as a well rounded introduction in how best to aid your child’s development of these key skills.

Talk on Independence

‘Help me to do it by myself’ 
Tuesday 10th October – 1.30-3pm

Independence is the foundation of a confident and able child. This talk explores practical tips on how to facilitate your child’s independence. Particularly focusing on practical daily activities such as dressing, toileting, eating and sleeping.

Talk on Communication

‘Help me to communicate by myself’
Tuesday 7th November – 1.30-3pm

Children take in everything they hear. Your speech and the ways you use your words to respond to your child provide the basis for them to create their own language. This talk explores some simple and natural ways to interact with and respond to your child. Helping them to become a person who can communicate with confidence.

Spring Term 2018

Our Spring Term Empowered Parenting Course is perfect for parents who would like to explore their child’s development in more depth.  

Empowered Parenting Course

Tuesday 16th, 23rd & 30th January, 6th & 20th February – 1.30-3pm

This five session course offers today’s parents clear, concise insights into the real nature of your child and what you can do to provide a unique foundation to support their incredible journey through childhood. The topics covered include: The Secrets of Child Development, Behaviour, Language Development, Number Development & Creativity.

Summer Term 2018

More information about Summer Term sessions for parents coming soon.

For more information or to book a private parenting consultation with Georgina please contact the office on 0207 223 0123 or email

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