About our Teachers

Paint Pots House The Boltons

Priscila Amodeo

Art Teacher & Manager

Priscila has an Art degree in Art Therapy Foundation – BAAT certificate along with another in Reggio Emilia Approach. She is currently studying Child Counselling – at Place 2 Be. Priscila has taught Art and Creativity in the UK and abroad,  previously working as a creative Artist in Residence role alongside providing creative opportunities in centres, libraries and museums. Together with her family, Priscila has set up an Educational Centre for Children in Brazil. She is currently listed as one of the local artists in the London borough she lives in with her beautiful art work showcased on their website.  Priscila’s experience, creativity and passionate nature supports the children’s critical & imaginative thinking whilst encouraging them to develop their own artistic style

Nadia Laarif

Music Teacher

Nadia specialized in History, Art History and Languages (Latin and Greek). She holds a Humanistic Bachelor’s degree and is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Catalan. She continued her artistic career by studying a Degree in Musicology at the UAB University of Barcelona in Spain and passed successfully her L1 and L2 in Music and Musicology at the prestigious University Paris Sorbonne IV in France. After further study Nadia became a qualified Music and French Teacher and to this day Nadia continues her study and teaching development, most recently having completed the “Education for Peace” Montessori course and the “Learning to move, Moving to Learn” course. Nadia’s passion for teaching children music and her methods have natural synergy with the Montessori style. Her musical talent and beautiful voice weave through each class bringing our songs to life

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