“What can I say it feels like the end of an era! All three of my boys have absolutely loved Paint Pots and each boy is totally different from his brothers! I think the staff manage to tune into each individual child and nurture them and their CREATIVITY. That is why the children are always so happy, and it has been the case with each of our boys that they do not always want to come home.”

“Through every step of the way, the team at Paint Pots (both admin and teachers) have been warm, welcoming and understanding with me. The teachers at Paint Pots have done their utmost to ensure my child; who has additional needs, gets as great an experience as every other child. As a parent, I am glad my child is in the hands of a team that genuinely cares for my child’s overall development and wellbeing. Georgina and the Paint Pots Team have been truly inspirational to our daughter and us as parents. There is no doubt she has blossomed whilst in Paint Pots capable care.”

“Many thanks from us to the lovely teachers at Paint Pots who have made an immense contribution to our child’s confidence and development over the last year. We could not be happier and neither can our child, who talks about the fun he is having at the nursery.”

“How do I find the words to begin to describe the wonderful experience my son has had at Paint Pots these last 2 years? What a time of growth, change, confidence-building and fun it has been for him, and us as a family! I remember Georgina telling me that it really does take the full two years for a child to settle in at Paint Pots and I feel that he really rang true on that. While he initially found separation hard, with the support of the Paint Pots staff, he managed to settle in with a smile on his face with no problem. It seems hard to believe that the end of Year Production is upon us, and he is going to be a volcano. If I rewind to last year, the goal for him was to merely get through the performance! What a change!”. One of the aspects that I feel makes Paint Pots truly special is the quality of the staff. Every touch point – from teacher to administrator, to principal is a shining star. I truly feel that Paint Pots has bent over backwards to work with us as a family, each step along the way. Whether it was working through some of his sensory challenges, thinking about which primary schools would be appropriate next steps, how to become involved as a parent, or welcoming his sibling, it has been a pleasure working with the entire team. One thing is for certain, and it is this: my son is so very well prepared for school. I really think he is going to be well ahead of his peers in his new nursery school. His practical life skills, numeracy, mastery of colour/shapes, creativity and knowledge of the world around him is something to behold, especially for a 4 ½ year old child. And i know that both children will have happy memories of their times at Paint Pots. Thank you all for creating such a warm and supportive atmosphere to allow my boys to learn, grow, smile and thrive.”

“My daughter started at Paint Pots in January 2008. It was her decision to start going to nursery and I think that because the initiative came from her, she has enjoyed herself the whole time that she has attended Paint Pots. We are amazed at the progress she has made, both socially and ‘academically’ and how she is turning into a very confident and happy little girl.”

“I really value the teacher’s relentless support which has helped me understand better and help my daughter through some rough patches. I love the caring, nurturing and peaceful atmosphere which she has been able to experience at Paint Pots. I love the girl she is becoming due to this experience. Her very positive first experience of school life will certainly help her when she moves on. You are all doing an amazing job and I hope your success continues in the future.”

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