Children overflow with natural creative energy and curiosity and at Paint Pots House we encourage them to use it to develop life skills and inner confidence – so important in later life.

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Paint Pots House Creative Classes are unique as they are based on a deep understanding of the young child’s developmental stages. Babies from 6 months – 6 years are introduced to a series of accompanied and unaccompanied classes. From the wonders of the Treasure Baskets to other Sensorial activities, Paint Pots children move naturally onto our Toddler, Art and Music, Early Montessori, Yoga, Art, Craft, Music and Movement Classes and our delicious Cooking classes always with a twist to expand their imaginations. For children aged 3 – 6 we offer unaccompanied Yoga and an Art Club.

At Paint Pots House,  the passion of all our teaching team is evident and they understand that each individual child needs nurturing in a different way.  Our teachers are practising artists, musicians and Montessorians and have the ability to create a truly child centred environment, bringing their personality and love of creativity into every session.

Established since 1988 we have a history of inspiring young minds, developing each child’s imagination, independence and confidence. During the classes, children are encouraged to experiment and work at their own pace whilst the accompanying adults are supported in guiding their children appropriately.

Whether you child attends once per week during term time or for a block of time during our holiday schools, they love the atmosphere of exploration and discovery at these classes, where everyone has fun, makes friends and learns along the way!

We look forward to welcoming you at Paint Pots House.

Creative Classes



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